Slovakia’s southern wine regions

This region is the most viniferous region of the Slovak republic. The warm weather, lot of shiny days, humidity and loamy soil provide good conditions for the excessive sugar content. In this region there are also made late harvest, selection of grapes and berry and raisin selection wine.

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The main office of VIREX LLC . is located in Nesvady. It was established together with its workplace which is situated in Baj in 1996. The company maintains the tradition of the cultivation of vine and of the production of high - quality wine from the region of Hurbanovo. In our workplace in Bajč we manufacture the grape of our own production and from the quality varieties bought from our partners from Mužla, Svätý Peter, Dvory n. Žitavou, Nová Vieska and Strekov.



The vine has been growing in the area of recent Slovakia for more than two thousand years. Unfortunately, we are not already going to find out, what grape was growing here and what type of wine was made-up from it by Celts, Romans and our ancestors Slavic people. We have much more information from the recent period. In the 13th century, our country was colonized in the West by Germans and in the East by Italians. They brought with them grape varieties, which have taken roots here and have been going on until nowadays.

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